We believe this is the most important element of our service and we are going to work really hard to make sure once you have a Community or Accommodation IPA allocated to you she will stay with you throughout your journey with RISE.

The Duty Team IPA

You will meet your first IPA when you make contact with us through our duty team.  This is our 'front door' team who will help right at the point you are in the most difficulty or crisis.  Whether you contact us by phone or drop into our One Stop Shop a member of our expert team will be there for you to give immediate practical help, advice or help you make something happen as your own personal advocate.

Your duty team IPA will help with your immediate safety, you children or other family members safety.  They will help if you are at risk in your own home and find you a place of safety where you can have a little respite or get your home security strengthened to help keep you safe and make you feel safer.

We'll make appointments for you if you need any extra support with other issues going on in your life or with your children, and we'll give you time and a safe place to find out what you want, what you need and how you want to handle the situation you are in.

Our duty team is available 24/7 via one phone call, through email or online chat and you can just turn up at our One Stop Shop, the Angelou Centre, Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm.


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The Community Team IPA

Once we've helped with all the immediate crisis you are experiencing you will be given your own Individual Personal Adviser/Advocate and she will stay with you and work with your throughout your journey with RISE services.

Not everyone will need more help after our initial crisis support but most women do find having their own IPA who will work with them and for them on those harder to deal with issues really helps long term.

Your IPA will continue to help with practical issues and make sure you have all the information and advice to make any decisions needed and we'll make sure you decide what your needs and goals are for the next few months.  But throughout the sessions you have she'll also give you a safe space to talk about how you've been affected by what has happened.

We'll support you to take care of the practical things and your personal safety but we're also here to make sure you can look after your emotional and psychological well being.

The Accommodation Team IPA

Sometimes it will be best for you and your family to leave your home for a little while.  This is a hard decision for anyone to make but particularly difficult when children are involved.

But despite everything you and our duty team try to do to keep you safe at home it may not be possible.  We can offer you a safe place to stay for as long as you need it.  We try to get you back to your own home if that's what you decide you want to do and with whatever support and practical measures needed to keep you and your family safe.

Sometimes you may need to move completely and so your stay in our accommodation might be a little longer.  But however long you are going to be staying with us you will have your own IPA who will steer you through the process of getting back home or finding a new one.

She'll also help with all the other things you need to manage even if you are in our accommodation.  And as with our Community IPA's your Accommodation IPA will be making sure you have a safe space to talk about your experience and help you take care of your emotional and psychological well-being.

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The Children and Young Peoples Team IPA

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