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Asian / Muslim women often face additional cultural barriers that prevent them from reaching out for help but you can reach out to RISE for confidential advice because no one has the right to abuse or control you whatever your race, culture, religion or lifestyle

Fear of dishonouring the family, shame, stigma, taboo and of being rejected by the community are all additional layers of complexity that you may need to navigate.

We are here to help you by delivering culturally sensitive services but we never forget that whatever the context for violence against women there is no excuse and must not be tolerated.

Domestic violence is therefore under reported in Asian / Muslim communities.  For some women it is too late to ask for help and are being murdered by their husbands or other family members as seen in a number of cases featured in the media.  There is also anecdotal evidence that some women are being taken abroad to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on the pretense of a family holiday so they can be murdered there to cover up the crime.

Too many women in Asian / Muslim communities are expected to suffer in silence

So when they ask for help from family, friends and religious leaders, they are usually advised to be patient and / or pray for their situation to change.  They are also usually blamed for any problem within the family including the violence and abuse they are subjected to. This fear of blame can also prevent women from coming forward and getting the help they need

All Women find it difficult to come forward and report abuse and the reasons can vary such as: as fear of consequences; blaming themselves; not realizing they are victims; not being aware of the help available; being isolated from family and friends and not being able to reach help; worried about finances; and hoping the partner may change.

Spouses from abroad

Spouses from abroad who are in a relationship with a British citizen or a person settled in the UK and that relationship breaks down as a result of domestic violence, the victim may be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK and access financial assistance by accessing public funds. To be given permission, victims must prove they are suffering from domestic violence.

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It is also common for family members other than the partner or husband to carry out abuse i.e. extended family or in-laws

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What does Islam say about domestic violence

In Islam, domestic violence is not allowed.  For example, the Prophet (pbuh) never beat any of his wives.

However religious texts are deliberately misinterpreted to justify domestic abuse

You don't need to try to work through all this on your own, come and talk to us and we'll help you find way to live your life free from fear and violence/abuse.

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