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If you have a disability and you are experiencing or trying to escape from any form of violence against women, domestic & sexual violence/abuse you will get the advice and support you need from RISE Cardiff

It's also probably going to be more difficult for you to reach out for help and you may feel isolated.  But we are here to help and one call or email is all you need to get us in your corner.

Violence and abuse is still more likely to be carried out by a partner, or ex-partner, but other family members who may be care givers can also perpetrate domestic violence/abuse.



You may have mental,  physical or sensory disabilities; chronic illness or other health issues or may not wish to identify as a women with disabilities but we will make sure our service meets your individual needs so you can make the decisions you need and want to make about your life

If your partner or caregiver keeps you isolated you can reach out to a health professional and let them know that you want to talk to RISE and we can arrange to meet with you at your GP or the hospital

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At RISE we want to break down as many barriers as possible for you to be able to get in touch with us and use our services that have been designed to meet your need for safety

Everyone has a right to live fear free and reach their full potential.  We are here to help and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you get the support and advocacy you need to stop the violence/abuse.  You will work with your Independent Personal Adviser to create a package of support that will move you through crisis into aftercare and onto recovery.

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