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Dedicated and Hard Working

Our staff have deep knowledge and understanding of the issues around all forms of violence against women and they are all personally committed to working with every survivor to meet her needs, support her on her journey to recovery and help her to be safe.

We call members of our front line teams Independent Personal Advocates (IPA) which means your IPA will work with you and for you to achieve the changes you want and to make sure you have everything in place to keep you safe.

Our IPA's deliver a 24/7 service so you can always reach out for help, advice and support - and that goes for your children as well.

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We are a speciallist service

Why Choose Us

Our Experience & Understanding

The partners delivering this service are experts in their fields.  That means you get the benefit of all our combined expertise.

We also have a specialist team for BME survivors, children and young people and aftercare and recovery services we've designed ourselves.

Your Fully Integrated Pathway

RISE Cardiff has a fully integrated service delivery model which means you can access what they need when they need it without ever having to leave one service and move to another.

Your Independent Personal Advocate

We know it takes courage to open up to someone about very personal experiences.  We also know that telling your story more than once is unnecessary and just adds to your trauma.  So we do everything we can to make sure your dedicated Independent Personal Advocate stays with you across your whole journey.

Our Trauma Informed Environment

Going through very stressful, frightening or distressing events can cause emotional or psychological trauma.

We know that even seeking help can be not only difficult but also add to the trauma....

Our Mission

Our service is here to support, advocate and provide places of safety for any women (and her children) who are experiencing or at risk of domestic violence/abuse, sexual violence/abuse, harmful practices, sexual exploitation, staking and harassment

Our Vision

Cardiff will be a place of safety for women, children and young people and as a City we will continuously take a coordinated community approach to reduce the number of women and, children and young people affected by all forms of violence against women


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Here to Help 24/7

Our expert service is fully integrated and seamless.  Whether you need help with domestic violence or at risk of forced marriage. If you've experienced sexual violence or you're being stalked.

We'll bring you the support and advocacy that you need, building on your strengths and supporting you to make lasting change in your life.

Our services are currently being affected by Covid 19 restrictions but we've moved our support and contact to video, phone and text.  And once we re-open the One Stop Shop you will be able to drop in once again.


02920 460 566

RISE One Stop Shop, Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Block 24, Longcross Street, Cardiff, CF24 0JT
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