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Domestic Violence/Abuse

We define domestic violence/abuse as an incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and violence behaviour, including sexual violence. The majority of cases the perpetrator is a partner or ex-partner, but also a family member or carer.

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Sexual Violence/Abuse

Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual act or activity.  There are many kinds including rape, sexual abuse (including in childhood,), sexual assault, sexual harassment.  See also our information about sexual exploitation and harmful practices. The perpetrator can be a stranger or someone you know and even trust.

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Harmful Practices

Harmful practices are persistent practices and behaviors that are forms of violence which have been committed primarily against women and girls in certain communities and societies that they are considered, or presented by perpetrators, as part of accepted cultural practice.

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Sexual Exploitation

What we mean by sexual exploitation is actual or attempted abuse of a position of vulnerability, power, or trust, for sexual purposes, including but not limited to, profiting monetarily or socially from the sexual exploitation of another.  This includes prostitution, or the exchange of money, employment, goods assistance or services for sex.  This includes sexual favours or other forms of degrading or exploitative behaviour.

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Children & Young People

Domestic violence/abuse has a devastating impact on children and young people that can last into adulthood.  Children can experience both short and long term cognitive, behavioral and emotional effects as a result of witness or being aware of domestic violence/abuse.  Each child or young person will respond differently to trauma.

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Stalking & Harrassment

Stalking is a pattern of persistent and unwanted attention that makes you feel pestered, scared, anxious or harassed.  Taken in isolation, some of the behaviours may seem like small acts, but together they make up a consistent pattern of behaviour that is frightening and upsetting.

  • This is our service pathway to give you an idea of what we do

  • You will never need to follow it as its laid out, think of it more as a map so you know what direction you are travelling in

  • Most survivors move back and forth on the pathway so they can get the right help with whatever is going on for them at any given time


you don't need to walk the path to safety and recovery on your own

We know things can seem overwhelming when you are in the middle of a crisis, when you are in danger, or when it takes everything you have just to get through another day.  That's why we'll be by your side every step of the way.

You can contact us now

We are here 24/7 and our crisis number will give you access to our service and the advice, support and advocacy you need

Here to Help 24/7

Our expert service is fully integrated and seamless.  Whether you need help with domestic violence or at risk of forced marriage. If you've experienced sexual violence or you're being stalked.

We'll bring you the support and advocacy that you need, building on your strengths and supporting you to make lasting change in your life.

Our services are currently being affected by Covid 19 restrictions but we've moved our support and contact to video, phone and text.  And once we re-open the One Stop Shop you will be able to drop in once again.


02920 460 566

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