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All Women

We are here for any women who is escaping, experiencing, at risk of or recovering from any form of violence against women.  We are also her to support their children and other family members affected.

We understand that you are an individual with your own life experience, your own history and you are a complicated human being and not a series of tick boxes.

So we've made sure our services will be wrapped around you as a Women and that our staff have the experience and expertise to support you, advocate for you and work with you to achieve your own personal goals. To find your own path to recovery and freedom from violence and abuse.

Whatever your personal situation, your cultural background, faith, sexuality we are here for you.

If you are struggling with substance misuse or abuse, anxiety, depression or you have specific access issues because of a disability we are here for you.

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Older Women

We understand its harder for older women to reach out for help and support especially if the violence and/or abuse is long lasting.  But we understand and our specially trained team are here to help.

We know the problems facing older survivors are common to all women experiencing violence/abuse.  However, older survivors experience are often exacerbated by social, cultural and physical factors and we will tailor our response to your individual needs and situation.

For older women things can be complicated dur to generational attitudes, increased risk of adult family abuse (child to parent or carer abuse) and older women are amongst the most invisible victims of domestic violence/abuse.

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BAME Women

Violence against women afffects women from all ethnic groups, and there is no evidence to suggest that women from some ethnic or cultural communities are any more at risk than others.

However, the form the abuse takes may vary; in some communities, for example, domestic abuse may be perpetrated by extended family members, or it may include forced marriage.

Women from Black, Asian or minority ethnic communities may have their experiences compounded by racism which is pervasive and institutional in the UK.

Our team understand the intersectional issues faced by survivors from Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities and we have specialist within our team who can help with specific issues like FGM, so called 'honour' based violence and force marriage.

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Muslin Women

Asian / Muslim women often face additional cultural barriers that prevent them from reaching out for help but you can reach out to RISE for confidential advice because no one has the right to abuse or control you whatever your race, culture, religion or lifestyle

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Young Women

Young women who have lived with domestic violence/abuse run a much higher risk of being psychologically and emotionally scared and without help can go on to develop risky behaviour, post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and self harming coping mechanisms

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Lesbian and Bisexual Women

Yes you can experience domestic violence/abuse within lesbian or bisexual women's relationships

And we need you to hear loud and clear that our services are here for you. Our staff have the experience and training to support you the way you need with respect, empathy and understanding.

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Women who are pregnant

It is a sad fact that domestic violence may be more common than conditions for which women are routinely screened during pregnancy. And when a woman gets pregnant in a violent and/or abusive relationship the violence escalates.

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Women with disabilities

If you have a disability and you are experiencing or trying to escape from any form of violence against women, domestic & sexual violence/abuse we are here and ready to help and tailor your support to meet your individual needs.

Call into the One Stop shop

The One Stop Shop is not open without an appointment currently due to Covid 19  but we'll let you know as soon as we are open fully again - you can phone us 24/7 on our crisis helpline number

Here to Help 24/7

Our expert service is fully integrated and seamless.  Whether you need help with domestic violence or at risk of forced marriage. If you've experienced sexual violence or you're being stalked.

We'll bring you the support and advocacy that you need, building on your strengths and supporting you to make lasting change in your life.

Our services are currently being affected by Covid 19 restrictions but we've moved our support and contact to video, phone and text.  And once we re-open the One Stop Shop you will be able to drop in once again.


02920 460 566

RISE One Stop Shop, Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Block 24, Longcross Street, Cardiff, CF24 0JT
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